This site uses a combination of nginx's server logs and Piwik (in log analytics mode) to gather and store traffic statistics.

No information is shared with third parties; this site does not use any third-party tracking resource whatsoever, with some temporary exceptions during Internet Defense League campaigns.

nginx logs

Data retention

nginx logs are rotated daily, and fall out of rotation after 7 days. Logs that fall out of rotation are deleted. They are not backed up.

Data recorded

The logs contain the following information for every request sent to this domain:

The exact line used for nginx's log_format line can be found in the nginx configuration file for this website.


Data retention

Piwik traffic statistics are stored indefinitely.

All requests that have the HTTP Do Not Track header enabled are not recorded.

Data recorded

Piwik traffic statistics contain the following information:

Opting out

If you would like your requests to be omitted from the Piwik traffic stats, simply enable Do Not Track. Requests that have the HTTP Do Not Track header will not be recorded.

nginx logs have no opt-out option, but only last for 7 days. If you would like to spoof some of the information they contain, here are some options you can use: