Hi, I'm Etienne Perot. I like software development, Linux-y things, neat hacks, etc. Sometimes I even blog about that.

I currently work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in the San Francisco Bay Area. The content on this website represent my views, not those of my employer. For more work-related information, you can read my resume or visit my profile on LinkedIn.

I do a fair share of work on open-source projects, and I also spend a lot of time helping the Official Team Fortress Wiki; you can find me there as well.

I host a handful of websites:

I also operate a number of non-web services, most of which relate to the above websites.

If you need to contact me, the relevant information is on the sidebar.

If you need to message me quickly, you can use XMPP (same address as my email address), or you can send me a message on IRC. I go by the name of WindPower on all the networks I am connected to (Freenode, OFTC, EFnet, GameSurge, QuakeNet).

My PGP key's fingerprint is 5039 F36E E75C CD6E C444 A007 5CFC 3B88 974E E250. You can download it here.

My OTR fingerprint is A580CE78 A4210989 39235373 35126385 5A2B539D.